Programme prévisionnel / Provisional program

Hackathon Schedule 2018

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Friday 22/06

17h30-18h: Keynote presentation

18h-18h20: Presentation + Hackathons 101

18h20-18h30: Dispatching people to their track-rooms

18h30-19h: Track-specific keynote

19h-20h: Problem pitching / 1min per ptich

20h-22h: Buffet, cocktail, mingling

Team registration, online: opened until 23h59

Saturday 23/06

9h-9h15: re-energize participants

9h15-16h: Technical + Clinical mentors at disposal

13h: Lunch buffet made available

16h-20h: Technical + Clinical and business mentors at disposal

17h-17h30: Physical activity (to be determined)

20h: dinner buffet made available

Sunday 24/06

9h-9h15: How to pitch

9h-14h: business mentors at disposal

9h-13h: pitching practice


13h: Lunch buffet made available

14h-16h: Pitching!

16h-16h30: Judges delibaration

16h30-17h: winners disclosed

17h-17h15: summary of the week-end

17h15-18h30: Closing cocktail